Why Intersec?

Trusted. Experienced. Innovative.

Consistent from Start to Finish.

When every second counts, you need a partner that won’t let you down.

For years, companies large and small have relied upon Intersec to provide the very best in compliance and security solutions. Intersec executives have headed remediation projects at the largest merchants and other fortune 100 entities. While we’re grateful for this opportunity, we don’t stop there. We feel it’s our calling to go beyond merely fixing the problem, so we strive to be your trusted advisor.

Having dealt with cyber threats since the inception of networked computing, Intersec brings a unique combination of best-in-class people, processes, and tools to your organization. Our experience as an industry pioneer has given us a perspective our competitors just can’t match. We have also been responsible for mentoring, training, and cultivating many of the leading security consultants working in the field today.

Our team. Your knights in the darkness. We provide you consistent and effective results every time. Comprised of some of the most trusted, well-known, well-respected, and in demand IT security experts in the industry, Intersec brings a unique combination of unmatched talent, experience and procedures.

The proactive and comprehensive nature of our process ensures consistency time and time again. It is these processes that can transform your IT system into a well oiled secure machine.

So again, why Intersec?

Because we won’t let you down.

Because when you’re worry free, you can focus on what you do best.

Another second just passed.

Can you afford to wait anymore?