Bill Corbitt
Vice President of Digital Forensics & Incident Response Services

Bill Corbitt has more than 35 years of cybersecurity experience. He was a Federal Agent in Cybersecurity and Forensics, and later led the Incident Response and Forensics teams at Mastercard and Nike.

Mr. Corbitt led the creation and implementation of a global cybersecurity, forensic, and incident response organization that immediately delivered ROI by strengthening the company’s risk response in 147 countries and across all 2.4 million total endpoints. He is also a Global Cybersecurity thought leader and a chair of the University of South Florida’s Cybersecurity Advisory Committee influencing university policy and corporate business practices.

Mr. Corbitt is recognized as an authority in corporate counter espionage and corporate counterintelligence. He has received his government training and tradecraft in the intelligence operations, counterespionage, and counterintelligence fields and organized a privately based team of experts in both HUMINT (Human Intelligence) and Cyber Intelligence operations.

Mr. Corbitt holds a BSJC degree in Forensics and Investigations from Valdosta State University.

Certifications Include:

  • Former AFOSI Special Agent
  • Certified USAF Forensic Specialist
  • Certified USAF Contract Officer
  • Certified USAF Special Access Programs Security Officer
  • Certified USAF Counterintelligence Officer