Ransomware Recovery

Ransomware recovery services are a crucial tool in today’s world. It can be the difference between a ransomware attack being considered a minor hurdle or a crippling threat.

Having a ransomware incident response plan in place means you are prepared to deal with an attack and have a solid ransomware recovery plan in place.

Ransomware represents an increasing threat to businesses. Not only can it result in the loss or exposure of large volumes of important data, but it can also lead to hefty costs. Aside from paying ransoms, organizations also spend vast resources on dealing with downtime, data recovery, reputational damage, and more.

Intersec Worldwide’s ransomware protection services will ensure your organization has the best possible defenses against a ransomware threat. Our robust service includes ransomware response, recovery, remediation, and protection.

Features of Intersec’s Ransomware Recovery and Incident Response Services

At Intersec, we take a holistic approach to ransomware response. While we initially prioritise swift ransomware recovery and remediation, we also ensure that you have ransomware protection moving forward.

Here are the core features of Intersec’s ransomware response services:



The first ransomware response step involves containment of the incident and the mitigation of losses. We use expert data recovery techniques, digital forensics, and reverse engineering to recover data and determine the extent of damage.



To ensure full ransomware recovery, negotiation is often necessary. Our vast experience in handling these situations means we understand exactly how ransomware threat actors operate and how to produce the best possible outcome.


Payment Facilitation

If we deem payment a necessary step in ransomware recovery, we facilitate a secure, verified transaction.



To complete the ransomware remediation process, we assist in implementing decryption keys and restoring systems to their original state. To ensure future ransomware protection, we address any underlying issues such that systems cannot be reinfected.

Why Do You Need A Ransomware Response Plan?

Ransomware has become increasingly accessible to cybercriminals, such that threat actors with relatively limited expertise are able to carry out sophisticated attacks. What’s more, ransom demands are increasing and the level of damage caused by incidents is becoming more severe.

Following on from the devastating WannaCry outbreak of 2017, businesses are now contending with a surge in aggressive ransomware variants including Cerber, Ryuk, Dharma, Conti, and CryptoLocker, to name just a few.

Traditional threat detection tools, such as antivirus software, simply aren’t effective against many of these attacks. As such, you need to have a solid ransomware recovery plan in place.

Intersec Worldwide will work as your dedicated partner in ransomware incident response to minimize the damage caused by an attack and limit the risk of future threats.