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Vulnerability Remediation & Other Security Services

Vulnerability Remediation

Discovering gaps in your security is terrifying, and having the support to fix them quickly and efficiently is essential. Whether you’re in the middle of a data breach or have found vulnerabilities during a compliance review, your next steps are critical.

Protect your organization and minimize your infrastructure security risk by partnering with a full-service cybersecurity firm you can trust.


Intersec’s Vulnerability Remediation Services Are Action-Focused

All too often, cybersecurity firms will help you identify risk but aren’t able to implement the remedies you need. At Intersec, we do so much more than compiling incident response and forensics reports —the stage where our competitors’ capabilities end. We take action on your behalf to defeat the threat and fix the vulnerabilities that left you exposed in the first place. We are proud to be one of the few cybersecurity companies with the ability and experience to implement effective remediation services—providing powerful solutions for our clients until their network is completely secured (and beyond).

Vulnerability Remediation Steps

At Intersec, we have fine-tuned our vulnerability remediation services to follow a four-step process. Our experts will spearhead every stage, but here is a general overview of what to expect:

  1. Discovery: We use scanning and testing protocols to detect vulnerabilities.
  2. Prioritization: With multiple detections the norm, it’s crucial to prioritize threats that pose the highest risk.
  3. Remediation: Vulnerabilities are blocked or patched in order of priority.
  4. Monitoring: We offer ongoing monitoring services to ensure vulnerabilities are detected as early as possible.

Why Choose Intersec Worldwide Vulnerability Remediation and Security Services?

Our experts specialize in cybersecurity remediation and mitigating infrastructure security risk. We offer a full range of services from penetration testing and compliance audits to incident response deployment. Intersec is proud to be one of the few firms with the ability and experience to implement effective vulnerability remediation services, providing powerful solutions for our clients until their network is completely secured (and beyond).

Intersec’s Full Suite of Remediation Services Includes

  • Managed Detection & Response
  • Interim CISO / CIO
  • IT Assessments
  • Network / CCIE Consultation
  • Penetration Testing
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Cyber Risk Management
  • Privacy
  • Secure Code Development
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Security Staff Augmentation
  • Application Source Code Review

To learn more about Intersec’s remediation and other security services, contact our team today.