eDiscovery Services and Software

Get the digital support you need to turn raw data into evidence with eDiscovery services and eDiscovery software. The dynamic nature and sheer volume of electronic documents make today’s business litigation more complex than ever. At Intersec, we provide full-service electronic discovery for attorneys, law enforcement, corporations, and businesses of all sizes.

E-discovery enables you to make informed, timely decisions about your case.

Experience a full-service electronic discovery solution with Intersec. We provide securely captured aggregate data, organized content to minimize data sets, analyzed insights to guide your investigation, and expert support every step of the way. Intersec's eDiscovery services will ensure you are fully prepared for every case.

Features of Intersec’s eDiscovery Services

At Intersec Worldwide, we’re bridging the gap between traditional e-Discovery methods and new technologies. Our eDiscovery software and services are thorough and efficient, helping you cut through the complexity of document review and providing you with evidence you can have absolute confidence in.

Intersec Worldwide’s eDiscovery services and solutions include:

  • Extraction: Digital forensic experts ensure the data collection process is efficient, forensically sound, and compliant with chain of custody best practices.
  • Processing: Raw data comes in hundreds of formats with varying properties, metadata, and nested content. We tailor your data to your review and production needs.
  • Review: Minimize the volume of your data with technology solutions designed to separate the relevant from the non relevant and to screen for privileged or sensitive content.
  • Analysis: Data is only as valuable as your ability to gain insights from it. Combining traditional methods with new technologies, we provide you with enhanced visibility of your evidence.
  • Production: We deliver your evidence in the production format you need. Effectively supporting your case means complying with all mandated production specifications.