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Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Managed Detection and Response

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) security combines attack detection and threat hunting with aspects of incident response and remediation. Through MDR, our rapid response will minimize the impact of a compromise and get your business back to normal in a fraction of the time.

Enjoy the confidence of secure data with 24/7 security.

The threat landscape will always, and continually evolve, so should your cybersecurity footprint. You must always improve the way you detect and respond to threats, while continually monitoring your IT assets.

At Intersec Worldwide, we recognize that the most effective MDR services must include the variety of systems in your environment, and incorporate detection, remediation, and security operations planning. After all, what good are the responders if they can’t also help you remediate?


What is Managed Detection and Response (MDR)?

Managed detection and response involves the use of powerful digital detective and forensic tools to monitor your network for signature, behavioral, and anomalous triggers. When needed, one of our analysts can then cooperatively hunt, investigate, and respond to such a threat. The combination of technology and human expertise enables you to discover threats in real-time, detect vulnerability exploits, and track attacker’s activity, so the incident response team knows exactly how to contain the incident before you have a breach.

MDR services provide organizations with a “done-for-you” solution to cybersecurity. This is essentially a “force multiplier” and takes the onus off internal teams to monitor and respond to threats and put the responsibility in the hands of experienced and reliable professionals. With a solid team behind you, your organization can have the peace of mind that attacks will be detected, investigated, and remediated as quickly as possible.

Features of Intersec Worldwide’s Managed Detection and Response Services

Intersec Worldwide provides 24/7 MDR services so you can rest easy knowing your digital assets are always in safe hands. Whereas many agencies only offer Managed Security Services (MSS) under the guise of managed detection and response, we are a true full-service MDR provider. Intersec ensures that clients experience a comprehensive security operations solution, including complete monitoring, analysis, threat intelligence, and investigation services as outlined below.

How Does Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Work?

The reality is that the traditional managed security operations model is outdated. It meets certain basic needs but doesn’t provide enough scope to overcome the evolving challenges faced by modern organizations and could swamp your team with action tickets. MDR service is the future. Rather than having someone simply monitoring logs and your team responding to tickets, you have round-the-clock solutions from a nimble MDR provider ready to pounce into action as soon as an issue is detected.

Managed detection and response is an evolution to a changing cybersecurity posture. Aside from threat hunting, it also analyzes all of the indicators and other factors involved in an alert, and when needed, acts as your remediation arm mitigating the risks of similar future incidents.

Why Do Businesses Need MDR Services?

Protecting digital assets effectively and efficiently can be a huge undertaking, even for relatively small organizations. With the increasing number and complexity of threats, it can be an overwhelming task to try to mitigate all risks. Internal teams suffer from a lack of resources and expertise, while traditional managed security services tend to offer generic solutions that aren’t customized for individual businesses.

It’s no surprise then that Gartner predicts a sharp uptick in the use of managed detection and response services:

“By 2025, 50% of organizations will be using MDR services for threat monitoring, detection and response functions that offer threat containment capabilities."

The best managed detection and response providers are able to keep up with the dynamic security landscape and up to date with the latest threat intelligence. They have refined systems in place, negating the need for organizations to apply a haphazard approach to cybersecurity. Utilizing managed detection and response services will ensure your company proactively monitors threats, protects data, and remains compliant.


How to Choose an MDR Service Provider

With so many MDR providers claiming to offer the best services, it can be difficult to settle on the right solution. So how should you decide?

There are several key qualities you need to look for in an effective managed detection and response service provider, the most important being experience. As any industry veteran will tell you, it’s simply not possible to provide effective security solutions without significant time immersed in the world of security.

You also need to work with a cybersecurity company that has all of the tools and capabilities necessary to offer its stated services. Capatibiles in areas such as threat detection, remote incident response, automation, and threat intelligence are absolutely key.

Finally, you need to consider
the human factor.

All of the tools and automation in the world can’t replace a skilled team. Intersec’s experts come with the experience and expertise to know exactly what it takes to provide managed detection and response solutions that protect your business around the clock.

Improve your cyber resilience and gain a comprehensive MDR solution to support your cybersecurity goals. Contact Intersec Worldwide today to get started.