Digital Forensics Services

Today, everything from documentation on your trade secrets to your customers’ personal information is being stored digitally. As we continue to rely more heavily on digital data, it becomes less a question of “if” that data will become compromised and more about “when” it will happen.

Whether dealing with a security breach, user error, hardware crash, litigation support, or other forensic investigation, Intersec specializes in the real-time digital forensics services necessary to get your operations back to normal as quickly as possible.

Intersec is proud to be one of the top digital forensics companies offering data forensics services with our team of industry-leading digital forensics experts.

Digital Forensics Services

Intersec’s cybersecurity forensics services are designed to provide a digital forensics report and analysis to help organizations quickly respond and recover from cyber threats. Whether you are looking for cyber forensics and information security services or a detailed digital forensics evaluation, Intersec can help.

Host-Based Data Forensics

Depending on the circumstances, host-based data forensics tools can be deployed within minutes or hours of engagement. From cloud-based data storage to network access points from mobile devices, organizations have a wide range of potential vulnerabilities to evaluate in the event of a cyber attack. It’s essential to have access to state-of-the-art digital forensic tools.

Remote Monitoring in Real-Time

Information that is recovered from disk and memory is essential for full forensic analysis. With real-time remote monitoring, this information and any recovered digital artifacts are analyzed and transformed into usable evidence in a fraction of the time.

Remote Evidence Analysis

Whether being used for litigation or to develop remediation plans, you need reliable evaluations of your evidence. Remote evidence analysis gives you actionable insights into your situation quickly, efficiently, and dependable. We aim to get you the information you need with minimal interruption to your workflow.

Features of Intersec’s Real-Time Digital Forensics Services

  • Investigate workstations and servers throughout your enterprise from a single point of presence.
  • Search an entire network in minutes – not hours or days.
  • Review live memory for active services and processes.
  • Isolate running malicious processes, identify other processes that malicious processes have touched, and resolve them back to the hard disk—with only a few mouse clicks.
  • Image the entire hard disk—or just the individual files needed for a case—remotely and in a forensically sound way.
  • Image the entire RAM contents over the wire, or specifically select and image the memory of individual processes for further reverse engineering.
  • Capture network traffic from specific endpoints. Remotely access an endpoint at an administrative level to enable immediate remediation of an attack.
  • Capture snapshots of an endpoint’s running processes and services for future comparison.