Email Monitoring

Email is by far the most prominent channel for cyber attacks. It is used in spear phishing schemes, impersonation attacks, ransomware, and more. Many businesses don’t realize the occurrence or extent of an attack until it’s too late. This can result in dire consequences, such as data loss or theft and systems infected with malware. Email account takeover and post-delivery threats are of particular concern as these are missed by many email gateways and other mail server monitoring systems.

Employing a robust email monitoring service will stop email-based attacks in their tracks. This can not only protect your valuable data, but also prevent various types of fraud.

Continuous monitoring of emails leads to the detection of threats, even those that pass through the gateway.

Intersec Worldwide offers reliable email monitoring services that will help you stay compliant and keep your data safe and secure. Not sure what type of service you need or how to get started? Contact us today to speak with an expert who will guide you through every step of the process.

Features of Intersec’s Email Monitoring Service

Intersec’s email security monitoring service will provide you with peace of mind, while helping to ensure employees remain aware of their role in circumventing attacks. We stay up to date with the rapidly evolving email threat environment to keep you a step ahead of malicious actors. And our advanced processes predict the human factor such that we can drastically reduce the risk of employee errors causing damage.

Some of the threats Intersec’s email monitoring service protects against include:

  • Phishing: General and targeted (spear) phishing schemes pilfer information and lead to data loss, account takeovers, credit card fraud, and other risks.
  • Ransomware: One of the most feared classes of malware, ransomware holds files hostage, resulting in potentially devastating consequences.
  • Internal threats: Internal threats such as compromised accounts, human error, or rogue employees can carry just as much risk as external attacks.

With Intersec’s email monitoring services, all emails are scanned and filtered before delivery to protect against spam, viruses, and other threats. We remain informed of the latest risk factors across all vectors and update our technology accordingly.

Email Security Solutions for Data Security

Advanced attacks executed via email are rife. Intersec’s superior threat detection systems uncover well-disguised attacks that evade other solutions. Our systems are continuously learning about new threat tactics, including zero-day attacks, and adapting as needed. What’s more, our email monitoring solution covers internal threats that may be overlooked by other systems.

Intersec’s tools are fully equipped to identify risks and implement the required remediation actions.

Frustrated with false positives? Our email security solutions are designed to deliver highly accurate results to avoid unnecessary costs associated with downtime and remediation efforts.

Email Protection Services for Compliance

While email security is crucial for protecting data, for many organizations, it’s also a key requirement from a compliance standpoint. For example, archiving protocols may be mandatory to prove compliant business operations and minimize the risk of legal action.

A solid email monitoring service can ensure you adhere to regulations and avoid penalties. We can apply policies specifically designed to comply with relevant standards. For example, an email retention policy can be implemented to automatically archive important emails to the cloud.

Having Intersec monitor all incoming and outgoing emails will bring the reassurance you need to continue everyday operations without additional stress.