Software Security Framework (SSF) (Formerly PA-DSS)

Intersec is a leading provider in cost effective solutions for reviewing the security of payment applications. Through our compliance and auditing services, we will help ensure you adhere to the PCI Software Security Framework (SSF), which replaces the PA-DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standard).

Under this new framework, we can assess and audit software that facilitates payment authorization, as well as other types of payment-related tools such as those providing fraud monitoring or cardholder authentication functionality. Compliance with the PCI framework will help ensure you protect customer data and avoid hefty fines or costly shutdowns.

Whether you are required to comply with the PCI Software Security Framework or simply want to conduct an application and source code security review, we can help with all of your security needs.

Features of Intersec’s PCI SSF Compliance Services

When other PA-QSAs (Payment Application Qualified Security Assessors) review applications, they typically conduct their PCI framework analysis using a manual methodology, which can be time consuming and costly. When performing manual reviews, humans are more likely to make errors and miss critical security findings.

At Intersec, we use the industry’s best private and commercial tools to save time and money, maximizing your resources while increasing the security of your organization’s applications.

Intersec is certified by the PCI Security Standards Council to conduct audits and certify that you’re compliant with the required security standards as outlined in the PCI framework. In addition to carrying out annual audits, we can assess your readiness and help you remediate any issues prior to or during the audit process.

A key advantage of working with Intersec is that if we encounter a problem, we provide the solution. Many cybersecurity firms are quick to identify risks, but lack the ability to remediate issues. Intersec is one of the few PCI SSF consulting firms with vast expertise in incident response deployment. We can help you tackle issues of any size with a customized remediation solution.