Penetration Testing Services

Penetration testing services, sometimes referred to as pen testing services, evaluate an organization’s ability to protect its networks, applications, endpoints, and users from external and internal cyber threats. Evaluating and measuring your security system with penetration testing allows you to not only identify areas of weakness but also empower your team to proactively prevent cyber attacks before they even begin.

This is the power of penetration testing with Intersec.

Penetration testing services simulate an attack on your system. This gives you an honest look into your system’s weaknesses and lets you identify any potential damage that would arise as a result of a real-world breach.

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing is a series of testing processes that evaluate the security infrastructure of your organization from internal and external threats. Just like test driving a car, you want to see what happens when you test the limits on the road—but you need to do it in a controlled environment.

Features of Intersec’s Penetration Testing Services

Intersec Worldwide’s penetration testing services allow you to evaluate the limits of your network infrastructure and applications in a safe and secure manner.

The Stages of Penetration Testing Services

During a series of controlled tests, Intersec’s highly trained consultants and certified ethical hackers use the same tools and techniques a criminal hacker would use to wreak havoc—but our hackers are on your side. Some clients choose to schedule the penetration test, while others prefer it to be performed unexpectedly to simulate a real-world attack more accurately. The choice is yours.

A penetration test is catered to each unique organization and its cybersecurity challenges.

The stages of most pen tests include:

  • Planning and preparation
  • Discovery
  • Penetration attempt and exploitation
  • Full analysis and reporting
  • Clean up and remediation

Internal Versus External Penetration Testing

Intersec offers both internal and external penetration testing. True to their names, an external penetration test simulates an attack coming from outside your network, while an internal penetration test simulates an attack from within your organization’s network.

After we have completed our pen testing, we provide you with a full breakdown and analysis of the test results and provide you with a proposal for remediating any vulnerabilities.

What Are the Different Types of Penetration Testing?

Several different types of penetration testing may be required for your organization. These may include:

  • Web application penetration tests
  • Network security penetration tests
  • Cloud security penetration tests
  • IoT security penetration tests
  • Social engineering penetration tests

Intersec can help your organization determine the right type of penetration tests and the right pen testing tools required to evaluate your security posture appropriately.

How Often Should You Complete a Penetration Test?

Penetration testing should be performed on a regular basis to monitor and measure IT and network security management. Cyber threats are always evolving, so organizations must remain diligent with security testing and security infrastructure updates.