PCI Forensic Investigator

The highly sensitive (and highly sought-after) nature of consumers’ financial information makes protecting cardholders’ data a top priority. If you’ve been alerted that your PCI security network may have been compromised, you need to act quickly and strategically.

Working with a certified PCI forensic investigator (PFI) can help you determine whether a breach of cardholder data occurred, what information was compromised, and how it happened.

PCI Forensic Investigators (PFIs) are independent incident response experts who are certified to respond to data breaches in the payment card financial industry.

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council® operates the in-depth certification programs for the cybersecurity industry, ensuring organizations, like yours, know who they can trust when it comes to preventing, responding to, and recovering from a cardholder data breach. Intersec Worldwide is proud to be certified as one of only a dozen PCI Forensic Investigators (PFI) in the USA.

Features of Intersec’s PCI Forensic Investigator Services

Intersec is certified to work across all industries and we go beyond just addressing your immediate incident response needs.

Intersec’s forensic investigation includes a myriad of data gathering and analysis to determine root-cause and the best and most effective remediation path tailored to your organization.

Our PCI forensic investigator services include analysis of:

  • Threat
  • Endpoint
  • DNS
  • Network
  • Application/Web Application
  • Firewall and Log Review

When you choose to partner with Intersec, you can feel confident in our ability to design and implement Remediation Plans to correct the vulnerability that left you exposed in the first place. Intersec is known to be one of the few Remediation experts in the PCI and cybersecurity industries and we have performed remediation services following investigations done by other PFI firms, at their recommendation to their clients to work with Intersec.

Our full-service approach helps improve your organizational resilience beyond a single breach and helps prepare you for future cyber threats.

At Intersec, our PFI practice remains on the cutting edge of investigative methodologies and tools, allowing us to combat the constantly evolving techniques of today’s hackers.

The information we gather is used to battle against the breach, alert affected consumers about the compromise, and support any resulting civil or criminal investigations.

If you suspect a breach, it’s essential to speak with an experienced PCI Forensic Investigator before you take any action, which could compromise important evidence.

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