HITRUST Compliance

The healthcare industry is subject to increasingly complex data standards such as HIPAA and other regulations. Staying on top of these can be overwhelming. To simplify the situation and to improve compliance across the industry, the HITRUST CSF (Health Information Trust Alliance Common Security Framework) has been developed.

HITRUST helps institutions securely manage data with a prescriptive set of controls that meet the requirements of multiple regulations and standards.

A HITRUST certification demonstrates HIPAA compliance as well as adherence to several other standards. Although HITRUST requirements simplify compliance, the implementation of this approach is inherently complex. Intersec Worldwide is a trusted HITRUST resource, offering services to help you ensure full adherence to required standards. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you in reaching full HITRUST CSF compliance.

Features of Intersec’s HITRUST Assessment Services

The HITRUST CSF is certifiable by a HITRUST assessor. Partnered with an assessor, Intersec can help ensure you meet all requirements.

The length and scope of the HITRUST assessment will depend on several factors, including the size of your organization and the depth of guidance required.

The key components involved in our HITRUST compliance services are:

  • Assessment preparation: To prepare for the HITRUST assessment, your organization will consult with a certified practitioner and prepare the necessary processes and documentation for the assessment.
  • Initial assessment: We assess policies and procedures against HITRUST requirements and test security controls.
  • Remediation phase: This part of the HITRUST certification process allows time for the organization to address concerns identified in the initial assessment.
  • Final assessment: Once issues have been addressed, a validated HITRUST assessment is carried out.
  • Review and certification: HITRUST will perform a quality assurance review of the validated assessment and finally provide a letter of certification.