DNS Layer Security Monitoring Service

DNS layer security monitoring services are critical for any organization because the Domain Name System (DNS) layer security helps stop cyberattacks.

Practically all internet activity is enabled by DNS. With something as simple as monitoring DNS requests, and their subsequent IP connections, can give you that distinct advantage in securing your network. By ensuring that only proper, legitimate connections are traversing your external interface, DNS-Layer Security places a “flag” on anomalous DNS activity. This can provide better accuracy and detection of malicious activity and help identify compromised internal systems and enhance network protection. Realistically, DNS-Layer security is one of the key steps in identifying anomalous connections, implementing effective countermeasures, and, if the connection is dangerous, blocking that DNS connection and subverting a possible compromise.

Many of today’s sophisticated attacks rely on some sort of DNS activity. Malware, ransomware, phishing, adware, and adware often use DNS during the initial staging of an attack. For example:

  • DNS tunneling is often used to deliver payloads encoded in DNS queries and responses, it can exfiltrate data from compromised networks, and execute remote command and control attacks. A good example is the supply-chain attack SUNBURST leveraged DNS tunneling during post-exploitation, and the APT group OilRig frequently uses DNS tunneling for data exfiltration.
  • DNS beaconing is often used to establish communication with a command-and-control (C2) server using only DNS, which is almost always allowed in a network. Most importantly, many high-profile ransomware attacks featured DNS beaconing during the initial stages of the attack.

These are just a small sample of the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) that often play a prominent role in modern cyberattacks. Now ask yourself, what am I doing to secure my DNS traffic?

Features of Intersec’s DNS Layer Security Monitoring Service

Intersec offers a robust DNS layer security monitoring service that ensures you’re always confident in your DNS security. We watch for threats and reduce malware and ransomware by early identification and blocking of any connections to a hacker’s Command and Control (C2) systems. We can manage your entire enterprise—including servers, remote laptops, remote offices, and mobile devices. It is imperative that organizations monitor and manage this DNS layer of security from wherever their employees are working.

Some of the key metrics involved in our DNS performance monitoring service include:

  • Response times: Keep a check on your DNS server response times for various locations.
  • Record types: Monitor availability to ensure maximum web service uptime.
  • Record name and search value: Check that the DNS record name matches the search value.

With custom scan frequencies and automatic alerts, you can have the peace of mind that your DNS server is always running smoothly. Plus, our services don’t stop at monitoring, and we also offer remediation. If any issues are detected, including configuration errors, security issues, or other problems, we identify, troubleshoot, and resolve problems quickly and efficiently.

Why is DNS Monitoring Important?

Because of the vital nature of the DNS server, it is a common target in cyber attacks. Cache poisoning, DNS flooding, and other types of attack can cause issues with response and availability, impacting the end-user and ultimately damaging business. Some attacks can even lead to data security breaches, presenting additional problems related to data loss.

In addition, good DNS server health is imperative to the overall performance of your web services. Simply put, when the DNS isn’t working, people can’t visit your website. Network problems, updates, root server inaccessibility, improper configuration, and other DNS issues can all negatively impact the end-user and lose you business.

DNS Monitoring for Superior Security

Intersec has an in-depth understanding of DNS servers and how attackers operate. Our DNS layer security monitoring service scans for all common and lesser-known indicators of DNS attacks. We monitor DNS servers across your entire infrastructure, including on-premises and externally hosted.

Monitor Your DNS Layer to Stop Attackers Earlier

DNS Layer Monitoring will detect and resolve any performance issues before they cause significant damage. Intersec implements real-time fixes to your network when we identify threats. We provide the quickest and most effective way to improve your organization’s overall security. This layer of breach protection allows you to have complete visibility of all systems that communicate on and off your network. This ensures that Intersec quickly identifies and blocks security changes within your environment.

DNS monitoring is ideal for any business or any size looking to prevent Ransomware and Malware attacks and the costs associated with investigating and remediating these types of cyber attacks.