Compromise Assessment Services

There’s a difference between hoping your data is secure and knowing it is. Attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated by the year. Custom malware and other types of cyber attack can make digital security breaches nearly impossible to identify without state-of-the-art technologies.

Intersec Worldwide’s compromise assessment helps our clients identify and confirm the presence of a digital attack. Armed with highly specialized knowledge of the tools and techniques that attackers use to breach networks, Intersec verifies whether a cyber attack is undergoing or has occurred in the past.

Can you be sure that your trade secrets, customer information, and other sensitive data aren’t being monitored by hackers? With compromise assessment services, the answer is “yes.”

Features of Intersec’s Compromise Assessment Services

As a part of our data breach retainer service, compromise assessment services can be conducted on an ongoing basis. Never have your paid retainer go to waste. By including this service along with your other retained services, you will receive real value for the money spent.

Intersec’s compromise assessment includes:

Deploying Inspection Technology

Our monitoring technology audits internet access points, servers, workstations, and remote devices such as laptops and smartphones.

Leveraging Prior Investigation Intelligence

In many circumstances, host-based artifacts and network traffic signatures identified in past attacks can be used as indicators of a current digital attack.

Assessing for Abnormalities

By assessing your host and network traffic, abnormalities in the environment that suggest evidence of attacker activity can be identified.

Analyzing Evidence

Using a wide range of tools, including real-time forensic analysis, the assembled evidence is analyzed and recommendations are compiled.

Summarizing Findings

The Compromise Report not only identifies any security breaches, but also summarizes any recommended remediation actions to be taken.