Network Security Monitoring

With cyber attacks more prevalent than ever, it’s no surprise that network security is top of mind for many businesses. IT assets such as firewalls, routers, and software applications are common targets for cyber criminals looking to steal data, pilfer funds, or cause other damage.

A robust networking security monitoring service will give you peace of mind that your systems are in safe hands, so you can focus on day-to-day operations.

Network security monitoring services detect any failures within the network, as well as provide the necessary remediation.

Intersec Worldwide offers a full-service solution. We will develop and deploy a custom remote network security monitoring service that ensures optimal security and minimal disruption to your operation. Our experts have many years of experience and offer a vast range of expertise. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

Features of Intersec’s Network Security Monitoring

At Intersec, we realize the importance of knowing that your network is always running smoothly. We not only monitor for security and performance concerns, but also troubleshoot problems and remediate issues.

Here’s what you can expect from our managed network security monitoring service:

  • Real-time monitoring: Our continuous monitoring means we find out as soon as an issue occurs.
  • Prompt support: Our experts are always ready to address any detected network issues so there’s minimal impact to your business.
  • Regular reports: Find out what issues have been uncovered so we can work together to improve your network.
  • Security testing: We perform regular testing to determine resilience against hacking, social engineering, and other types of attacks.

Intersec’s suite of network monitoring tools addresses network issues of any scale, from applying regular software patches to thwarting full-blown cyber attacks. Our around-the-clock support means you can rest assured your IT assets are always safe.

Remote Network Monitoring for Security

Networks can present a whole host of security issues such as malware attacks, misconfigurations, and data theft. Unfortunately, many security incidents go undetected or result in massive damage before they’re discovered. This can lead to more serious problems down the road, not to mention losses in terms of downtime, remediation efforts, fines, and reputation degradation.

Utilizing our remote network monitoring service means your network is continuously scanned for indicators of a security problem. Intersec experts know exactly which patterns to look out for on each and every network component. We stay ahead of attackers and spot and fix issues in real time.

Network Security Monitoring for User Experience

Security isn’t the only problem area within company networks. Misconfigurations, third-party errors, and other issues can cause network disruption. These may result in problems for internal or external users of the network, for example, lack of system access for employees or customers.

While many of these problems can be fixed, time is typically of the essence. The longer a network is down, the greater the financial loss incurred.

Having our network monitoring tools working 24/7 means issues can be fixed immediately, minimizing the negative impacts of an incident.

Managed network monitoring makes sense for any business seeking to boost security and provide a seamless experience for all users.