Application Source Code Review

Vulnerabilities in applications can lead to potentially devastating consequences. Weaknesses can open the door for attackers and result in costly data breaches. Utilizing a reliable source code review service will ensure your application is fully scanned for vulnerabilities so that critical issues are treated in a timely manner.

A secure code review (also known as a source code review) scours application code to track down the types of weaknesses that need to be addressed. It provides insight into the classes of vulnerabilities present to inform developers about how to make the code more secure.

Intersec Worldwide offers vulnerability and source code scanning to guard against costly future data breaches because of unpatched flaws.

While many application secure code review services only offer automated testing, we provide a full manual inspection to ensure no vulnerability class is missed. Our secure code review process will ensure you have all the information you need to identify critical issues and address them accordingly.

Features of Intersec’s Application Source Code Review Service

At Intersec, we have developed a secure code review process that will ensure you have complete peace of mind

  • We analyze everything from your network hardware to your desktops and applications.
  • Our state-of-the-art scanning solutions paint a comprehensive picture of the problem and ensure that you’re able to spot each weakness in an ever-changing network environment.
  • Our application source code review service covers critical areas of the code, including authorization, authentication, data validation, session management, encryption, logging, and error handling, among others.
  • We deliver a full report outlining vulnerability classes in these areas so that developers can take the required remediation actions.

Wondering when the review process needs to be carried out?

Our experts can tell you exactly when the application source code review should be completed depending on the stage of the development life cycle.

Whether you’re a large corporation or a small company, you’ll find our solutions easy, effective, and affordable. More importantly, we provide the human touch.

At Intersec, we pride ourselves on being your trusted advisor and ensuring you’re taken care of from start to finish.

Our friendly experts take the time to guide you through the entire application secure code review process, and most importantly, help you interpret and act on the results of the scan.