Merchants face a great deal of regulatory and ethical pressure to ensure they’re protecting their customers’ sensitive financial information—a reality that has a major impact on Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) Vendors.

To put it in the simplest terms: if you want your P2PE solution to thrive in today’s market, you need to have it validated by an objective third-party as a credible and secure encryption technology.

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council® establishes and promotes the guidelines and tools necessary for the security of cardholder data in today’s constantly evolving digital climate—including the elite QSA (P2PE)™ certification program. 

Intersec Worldwide is proud to be recognized as a PCI-approved P2PE Qualified Security Assessor (QSA).

A PCI-validated P2PE solution provides state-of-the-art payment security, with end-to-end encryption that meets compliance standards and instills greater confidence in customers. At Intersec Worldwide, we offer industry-leading PCI consulting to help merchants achieve the right P2PE solution for their needs.

Features of Intersec’s P2PE Services

At Intersec, we work with P2PE vendors across the globe to assess and validate P2PE solutions and components.

A PCI-validated P2PE solution must incorporate all of the following:

  • Secure encryption of payment card data at the POI (payment terminal)
  • P2PE-validated application(s) at the POI
  • Secure management of encryption and decryption devices
  • Management of the decryption environment as well as all decrypted account data
  • Secure encryption procedures and cryptographic key operations such as key generation, distribution, loading/injection, and administration