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[email protected]    (800) 499-5834

Ransomware Response Services

Help! My organization has received Ransomware. What should I do now? Hiring a Ransomware Response Services expert team is the first step. Combatting ransomware or any kind of malware is not a simple task and must be done by experts that deal with this on a daily basis. We can help avoid the common mistakes that many organizations make in dealing with various malware. Below are some of the common questions clients ask. We are a full-service Ransomware and Malware Response Service Provider.

Let us help avoid the Pitfalls – Asking the right questions

  • Do I pay the Ransom?
  • If I pay the Ransom what are the risks?
  • Can I recover my data?
  • How do I prevent ransomware and malware attacks in the future?
  • What if I just rebuild the systems and restore the data?
  • Are there tools available to help prevent this in the future?
  • Why did my current Anti-Virus solution not work to prevent this from happening?
  • I need to get back to work or get my business back online. What are the risks if I just run an Anti-Virus tool to fix this?
  • Do I need a forensics expert?
  • What is the difference between forensics and incident response experts? Do I need both?

How do I respond? What do I do next?

  1. Call our Emergency Response Team toll free at (800) 499-5834

    When you call us we can quickly determine what has occurred and what to do next. We have a full-service ransomware and malware response service offering, including technology, people, and processes.

  2. We will provide our recommended action immediately

    Sending immediately our state-of-the-art toolsets to start deploying the right technology to help determine the current risks and exposure. Our tools and people will start responding immediately.

  3. Immediately engage our team of experts

    Based on our discussions and current findings we will immediately engage our team of experts to help with the next steps.