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When it comes to data security, it’s essential to have an expert support team that can handle all your needs.  At Intersec, our full-service cybersecurity services help clients prevent potential breaches, plan for strategic action during an incident, and get the support necessary for litigation after a cyber-attack.

The team of experts at Intersec offers a holistic approach to your digital security needs.  In addition to Real-Time Forensics, IR Remediation, Compromise Assessment, Managed Detection & Response, and E-Discovery, we also offer these other data breach services.

Our additional data breach services:

Breach Disclosure

Trusted guidance for addressing compliance issues and responding to incidents according to industry regulations.

Expert Witness Testimony

Dependable expert testimony to support litigation on issues related to cybercrime and corporate data policy.

Litigation Support

Strategic partnership to help guide the discovery process in order to control costs and maximize efficiencies.

Cyber Insurance Management & Recovery

Analysis of whether your current cyber insurance coverage addresses your risk and assistance when making a claim.


If you are concerned about a potential breach or if you are currently experiencing a breach and require immediate assistance, contact us with the information below or fill out the form on this page.

A forensics or compliance expert will get back to you as soon as possible.

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