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PA-DSS – Payment Application Data Security Standard

Intersec is leading provider in cost effective solutions when reviewing the security of Payment Applications. When other PA-QSAs (Payment Application Qualified Security Assessors) review applications, they typically conduct their analysis using a manual methodology, which is much more time consuming and costly. When performing manual reviews, humans are more likely to make errors and miss critical security findings.

At Intersec, we use the industry’s best private and commercial tools to save time and money – maximizing your resources while increasing the security of your organization’s applications. Whether you are required to comply with the Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) or simply want to conduct an application and source code security review, we can help with all of your application security needs.

If a problem is uncovered, Intersec provides the solutions.  All too often, cybersecurity firms will help you identify risk but aren’t able to implement the remedies you need.  At Intersec, we are one of the few PA-DSS consulting firms who are also highly experienced in incident response deployment and customized remediation services.

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