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Basel Compliance

Intersec Worldwide provides expert services that allow our clients to identify, control, and audit the flow of customer or portfolio data to ensure confidentiality.

The Basel Capital Accord issued by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision creates international standards that banking regulators can use when specifying how much capital a financial institution needs to maintain in cash reserves to cover the number of risks that the firm incurs. The amount of required reserves impacts the flexibility and profitability of each bank.

In Basel II, risks are classified as credit, market and operational risks. In particular, operational risks are “the risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people, and systems, or from external events.” While a bank’s financial organization manages credit and market risks, its individual operating units manage operational risks.

One operational risk is information risk, which is generally handled by the bank’s IT or the Compliance functions. Information risk is a critical factor affecting a bank’s operational risks, which in turn influences its capital requirements and, consequently, its profitability. Without robust data protection, banks risk costly information loss, leading to higher operational risk and lower profits.

Intersec Worldwide offers our clients an active array of Basel II Compliance solutions that we easily customize to the environment to help banks control risks to critical information, from personal client data to the sensitive portfolio information of the banks. Intersec Worldwide’s solutions can help prevent:

  • Internal Fraud – Assures integrity of information and data by preventing access by unauthorized persons.
  • External Fraud – Mitigates insider risks, including information theft, and prevents data leakage.
  • Clients, Products, & Business Practice – Prevents fiduciary breaches like conflicts of interest, via information barriers that reduce opportunities to leverage material non-public information.
  • Business Disruption & Systems Failures – Automatically archives and controls the flow of information to guard against environmental disruptions, software or hardware failuresExecution, Delivery & Process
  • Management – Automates many information-handling procedures to prevent mistakes and mishandling of critical information. Provides timely generation of reports to meet any mandatory reporting requirements. Enforces use of secure communications channels to prevent negligent loss of client information or assets.

Intersec Worldwide’s Basel II Compliance Solutions secure confidential and non-public client and corporate information to comply with Basel II requirements. In addition, it reduces a financial institution’s operational risk estimates, thereby lowering reserve requirements and leading to greater profitability.


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