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When every second counts, you need a partner who won’t let you down.  Across the globe, the largest merchants and Fortune 100 companies have depended on our ability to deliver consistent results for their biggest data security challenges.

Our Approach

At Intersec Worldwide, we take a full-service, client-centered approach to cybersecurity.  Our clients are big and small, but our hands-on attention remains the same.  When data breaches occur, we’re on-site – stopping the attack and putting an end to the chaos.  But that’s not enough; we believe it’s just the first step.  We take each client through the process of understanding what was compromised and how the hacker gained access – and then we implement long-term solutions that help them reestablish their stakeholders’ confidence.  For us, building trust means staying with our clients to the very end and then guiding them into the future – a capability that differentiates us from the competition.

Our Team

At Intersec, we are honored to have a “dream team” of the most sought-after specialists in the industry.  They are globally trusted, well-known, well-respected, and in-demand – and they chose to work with us.  Their expertise allows us to bring a unique combination of unmatched talent, cutting-edge technologies, and tried-and-true procedures to our clients.  Our responsibility for maintaining those internal relationships through dependable, respectful, and ethical practices is a privilege we take seriously.

Our Promise

To provide consistent and effective results – every time.
To look after your best interests – every time.

To bring the most innovative and effective technologies – every time.
To give you personalized, client-focused service – every time.

At Intersec, we promise to never let you down, to work tirelessly on your behalf, and to protect your company every step along the way.


If you are concerned about a potential breach or if you are currently experiencing a breach and require immediate assistance, contact us with the information below or fill out the form on this page.

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