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Managed Detection & Response

As threats get more sophisticated, your cybersecurity should, too.  Improve the way you detect threats.  Respond to incidents immediately.  Monitor your IT assets continuously.  Stop worrying about becoming a statistic.

Managed Detection & Response (MDR) combines attack detection and threat hunting with incident response and remediation – to minimize the impact of a breach and get your business back to normal in a fraction of the time. 

How Does It Work

Powerful digital detective and forensic tools monitor your network for signature, behavioral, and anomalous triggers.  IT analysts then hunt, investigate, and respond.  The combination of technology and human expertise empowers you to discover threats in real-time, detect vulnerability exploits, and track attacker’s activity so the Incident Response team knows exactly how to contain the breach.

Don’t just hope your data is secure. Enjoy complete confidence with 24/7 security.

Exceeding your expectations – every time.

At Intersec Worldwide, we believe Managed Detection & Response should include end-to-end services – from detection to remediation to security planning.  After all, what good is a breach alert if you don’t have someone who can act immediately?

Intersec Worldwide’s MDR Services include:

Alert Monitoring & Analysis

Launching a suite of digital detective tools, evaluating the output of those tools, and classifying security alerts.  Alert Monitoring and Analysis provides enhanced security event detection, so we can discover malicious automation, detect vulnerability exploits, and track attacker activity and/or data exfiltration.

Alert Response & Reporting

Reviewing security events, monitoring network security, and evaluating alerts for escalation to the client for action.  Response & reporting lets you make informed decisions about remediation of vulnerabilities, exploits by attackers, and other events that represent realized risk within your organization’s environment.

Vulnerability Assessments

Implementing powerful network sensor devices – which are loaded with 50,000 individual tests designed to validate security controls and identify security gaps. Comprehensive reports provide monthly action lists ranked by CVSS scores and potential impact. Identify vulnerabilities before they’re a problem and install patches right away.

Incident Response

Responding quickly to digital security incidents to minimize the impact on your organization. Your Incident Response Team is ready to contain the crisis from the moment it starts – stopping the hemorrhaging of sensitive data, defeating the threat at its root issue, and keeping your business operating while you recover.

Breach Management

Recovering from a data breach with comprehensive solutions. Certified security and forensic experts determine the extent of the exposure, provide a plan for closing security gaps, implement cyber security tools, and educate your staff on proper security protocols. Minimize the risk of a repeat crisis with Breach Management.

Maintenance of Detective Systems

Ensuring your actionable network security alerts don’t get lost in false positive alarm activity. To effectively monitor an environment, detective systems must learn which suspicious events are innocuous. With initial tuning in the first month and ongoing maintenance, the important security alerts remain front and center.


If you are concerned about a potential breach or if you are currently experiencing a breach and require immediate assistance, contact us with the information below or fill out the form on this page.

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