TG3/ TR39 Pin Audits

Intersec deals with a multitude of industry specific compliance audits.

For Financial institutions, ISO’s /ESO’s, and multi-lane retailers you need to perform what is called TR-39 / TG-3 Pin Audit and security reviews.

The TR-39 and / or VISA PIN audits provide a report on a business’ controls regarding PIN-based transactions. The audit looks at encryption, key management, and key protection. This can include asymmetric and symmetric encryption controls, key inventory and ceremony, datacenter inspection, HSMs, Point of Sale systems, and physical safes.

An audit may be required for retailers and similar businesses that contract from an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or debit network for a bank. Banks, as well as key loading facilities may also need to be audited and brought into compliance. If you are unsure whether you need such an audit, contact us today and we will gladly help you make that determination.