How We Work

Process proven. Results driven.

Intersec aggressively and proactively protects your business.

We’ve developed proprietary solutions that minimize your downtime while we fix the problem.

Our process has evolved over decades of experience into five simple steps.

1. Listen & Assess
2. Analyze & Review
3. Develop a Plan of Attack
4. Execute/ Deploy
5. Monitor, Support & Assessment

Listen & Assess

Interviews with staff, Documentation Review and Pre-Assessment Work

Before we even begin working for you, we start by listening to you and your needs. While you might not be able to identify the cause, you likely know the symptoms and circumstances, which our experts use to quickly identify the areas that need immediate attention. We supply you with the necessary pre-assessment checklists and information. We then identify and interview your resources to determine your organization’s risk posture and the scope of the review. We are always mindful of your business requirements and budgets to help identify ways to save you money and grow your business. We are more than your average security consultant, who only checks the compliance box. We strive to identify both cost saving measures and business growth opportunities.

We will provide you with the required documentation lists, along with document templates to help you get to the end goal quickly. This is all part of our standard pre-assessment work. Before our onsite work begins you will know where you stand and be more prepared.

Analyze & Review

GAP Assessment

Intersec team and you are now prepared for the onsite work and review. In order to leverage the tools we put in place, we do a thorough and in-depth analysis of the situation from identifying all points of vulnerability on your network or intranet, to reviewing policies and procedures, we create a comprehensive picture of all the variables involved and their effects and potential impact on your system. We will produce a Gap Assessment based on the industry compliance objective you are intending to achieve. As part of this process our team then reviews the data, for the next step.

Developing A Plan of Attack

Remediation Planning, Penetration Testing, Application Reviews,

Intersec has perfected the remediation process during our years of experience in handling complex networks, security incident response, forensics and remediation projects. We will limit the impact on your production systems during our real-time remediation and incident response actions. No matter what the situation, preparation and knowledge are the keys to successfully remediating and addressing your security vulnerabilities. After a thorough investigation, we then take our comprehensive understanding of the situation combined with our expertise and present you with a remediation plan.

Execute / Deploy

Managed Services, Product Review Selection & Implementation, Architecture Redesign, Segmentation, Solution Deployment, Subject Matter Expert (SME) Consultation

As the saying goes, a plan is only as good as its execution. This is where Intersec truly shines. Our decades of experience allow us to quickly and effectively deploy solutions that achieve the desired goals. Most importantly, we perform the execution component with minimal downtime and as little interference to your daily operations as possible. But the solutions do not, and cannot stop there.

Monitor, Support & Assessment

On-going Security Monitoring, Compliance Reporting (ROC),

Many organizations handle security and compliance similar to an annual IRS (April 15th) filing. This security philosophy is not adequate for today’s continuous changes in both your business and the security threat landscape. Reactive security is ineffective and has been proven to lead to business, financial and security catastrophes. Proactive security is necessary for handling today’s threats.

Intersec will always continue to monitor the situation. In some cases, no further remediation is needed; other times, both internal and external variables require reassessment to ensure the threat is handled to our mutual satisfaction. Because we’re dealing with a highly variable and fluid environment, Intersec takes all monitored information and periodically re-assess the situation for any potential ongoing vulnerabilities. If additional points or solutions become apparent, Intersec will proactively address it before it becomes a problem. This is one of the key benefits of implementing one of our managed service offerings.